Community Clean-up Day 2017

We are calling upon community and student champions to join us on Saturday, April 22nd from 10am to 12noon atMilliken District Park for the 3rd annual Community Clean-up Day.  This event is truly a community effort with partnership from community associations such as CICS and the Rotary club, local high schools McDonald’s. Continue reading “Community Clean-up Day 2017”

Recognize and Support Family Caregivers on Family Caregiver Day

On January 31st 2017, City Council passed a motion to establish the first Tuesday of April as Family Caregiver Day, to recognize the 29% Canadians and Torontonians as family caregivers to someone in need.  This year, this day falls on April 4th, 2017. Continue reading “Recognize and Support Family Caregivers on Family Caregiver Day”

Have Your Say on the Proposed Stormwater Charge

City is seeking your input on a proposed splitting of your water bill to charge for the stormwater management portion separately.

Stormwater is rain and melted snow. Generally, the more hard surfaces a property has the more stormwater will flow off and into the sewer system. An increase in extreme storms, combined with more paved surfaces in the city is resulting in more stormwater making its way into the sewer system, which has led to an increase in flooded basements and poor water quality in local waterways including Lake Ontario. Continue reading “Have Your Say on the Proposed Stormwater Charge”