The Role of City Council

City Council is composed of the Mayor and 44 Councillors, elected to a 4 year term.

Toronto City, an incorporation, is responsible for providing services, which is done directly through front-line staff and contractors; or indirectly through the City’s agencies and Boards such as the TTC and Police.  City Council determines which services the City provides and their service levels. It also undertakes policy and program development and evaluation.

To pay for core and provincially mandated services and programs, the City of Toronto generates revenue through taxes and user fees. The City also receives transfer payments from the Province of Ontario and to a much smaller extent from the Federal Government. This revenue pays for the City’s annual operating budget and some of the capital budget.

One of the main roles of Toronto City Council under the City of Toronto Act (COTA), under section 131(a) is “to represent the public and to consider the well-being and interests of the City”. I invite you to read the COTA text at