Councillor’s Report for Brimley Forest Community Association Newsletter: January 2014

Dear Brimley Forest Neighbour:

I would like to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year.  To those celebrating the Lunar New Year, may the coming Year of the Horse be healthy, happy and filled with good fortune – Gong Xi Fa Cai.

During the recent holidays, an unprecedented ice storm brought on a prolonged power outage and extensive property damage.  Toronto Hydro and Toronto’s 311 call centres and service capacity were largely exceeded, and as such customers’ calls could not get through. Although much of the Brimley Forest Community had power restored within 2 days, there were some areas that were out for more than 7 days.  During the outage, I drove around in the ward to see which areas were affected by the blackout.  Residents called and e-mailed my office, and we in turn reported the outages to Toronto Hydro.

I provided e-mail updates to subscribers to my e-newsletter and hoped they spread the message to others. To subscribe, please send an e-mail request to my office.

The clean-up costs to the City as a result of this storm are estimated to be $106 million.  Forestry crews are working hard to remove overhead branches that pose a safety hazard while Solid Waste Management Services will collect the storm debris.  Due to the amount of tree damage, the clean-up efforts are estimated to take up to 8 weeks.  For more information on the City’s clean-up efforts visit:

Residents have asked my office if insurance will cover ice storm related damage.  Property insurance typically covers damage to homes caused by inclement weather and falling tree branches.  Home owners with contents insurance should be covered in instances where wind damage allowed snow or water to enter the home causing water damage to possessions.  The CBC has an excellent article that explains this topic in more detail.  You can read it at:, the Insurance Bureau of Canada website, contains additional information.

If my office can be of service or assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Councillor Chin Lee
Ward 41 – Scarborough Rouge River
(416) 392-1375


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