Mandatory Water Meter Upgrade in Progress

In February, 2014, the City of Toronto will be contacting every homeowner in our Ward by mail asking them to book an appointment to upgrade their water meter to a new automated version.

The new water meters will transmit your water use directly to the City, which will eliminate the need for you to call in your water reading or for City staff to visit your home to obtain a water reading.  The new meters will provide a more accurate, fair and efficient way for the City to administer and bill water use in Toronto.

The Water Meter Program is mandatory under City of Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 851, Water Supply.  The new automated water meter and installation is absorbed in the water rates, and the payback in cost savings and elimination of under-billing is about 6-7 years.  After that, it’s saving for the consumer.  Failure to comply with the Water Meter Program will result in a $625 fine on the first offense and a potential $1300 fine on subsequent offenses.  Water shut off is also a possibility for homeowners who are not in compliance with the new by-law.  There is a high cost to sending a person to get a manual reading, which is why the City is upgrading to automated water meters.

The Program is being rolled out on a ward-by-ward basis.  You are required to book an appointment within two weeks of having received a “Water Meter Program Appointment Notice Booklet.”  Ward 41 residents should receive this booklet in February 2014.  

Appointments can be made by phone at (416) 236-3837 or online at

Installations are expected to take 30 minutes and appointments are available for different time blocks between 8 A.M. to 8 P.M., Monday to Friday, and between 9 A.M. to 6 P.M., Saturday and Sunday.