Toronto Hydro Continues to Rebuild Electrical System

Key Map
Project Sandhurst project area.

Project Sandhurst

Toronto Hydro is planning on rebuilding the subterranean electrical system between McNicoll Ave. and Sandhurst Circle on McCowan Rd.  The project will commence in May with an expected completion date of November 2014, weather permitting.  Periodic power outages may occur during this time.

Much of the electric system in Ward 41 is aging and needs to be replaced to ensure that we continue to recieve a reliable supply of power.  The rebuild involves replacing electrical cables and transformers in the project area.  Please see Toronto Hydro’s public notice below for more information.

Toronto Hydro will be rebuilding the electrical infrastruture between McNicoll Ave. and Sandhurst Circle on McCowan Rd.
Toronto Hydro electrical services upgrade construction notice.