Design Exchange

The Design Exchange museum is located in the heart of Toronto’s financial district at 234 Bay St. in the historic Toronto Stock Exchange building. The museum is dedicated to design excellence and the preservation of design heritage.

Design influences Canadians on a daily basis as well designed communities can lead to healthy and active neighbourhoods. The museum aims to educate the public on the importance and relevance of design in our everyday lives.

The Design Exchange is running the “This is Not a Toy” exhibit until May 19, 2014. This exhibit focuses on the toy as a unique medium for artistic expression and design. Designer toys are collectible items that intersect the fields of artistry, marketing, pop culture and design.

The Design Exchange is open from 10 am to 5 pm Mondays to Saturdays and noon to 5 pm on Sundays. The museum closes at 8 pm on Thursdays. For more information visit their website