Message from Councillor Chin Lee: Spring 2014 Newsletter

The City of Toronto’s ice storm protocol ended in early April. Residents are required to obtain a permit from the City before removing or injuring trees on their property. Violating the bylaw can result in fines ranging from $500 to $100,000 per tree.

Dear Neighbour:

Happy Easter to Christians who observe this holiday, which marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. My staff and I would like to extend best wishes to those in our community who celebrate Easter.

It was a tough winter and finally the weather is getting warmer. The December ice-storm cleanup continues. If you still have fallen debris, bundle any trunks less than 3 inches in diameter and leave them at the curb on yard-waste collection days. I contracted a company to cleanup my ice-storm debris, and it cost me $1,400 because 3 of my large trees had to be trimmed.

The first 3 months of 2014 have indeed been busy. In January, the 2014 Budget was finalized and in February and early March, I was working with residents on an OMB hearing in opposition to a proposed in-fill townhouse development on Midland Avenue. The OMB hearing lasted 5 days and the decision on the proposal is still pending. It was emotionally exhausting for those most impacted by the proposal.

There are 2 other proposed high-density developments close by, one at 23 Glen Watford Drive and another at 4181 Sheppard Ave E., on the south-west corner of Sheppard and Midland. There will be pressures for higher density developments along Sheppard due to proposed higher order public transit coming in the future. The higher the order of transit, the denser the proposed developments. The approved (but not yet started) Scarborough Subway extension will also mean additional development pressures around the Sheppard/McCowan area. But to build higher orders of transit, we will have to raise revenues to fund these infrastructure improvements. The decision to fund each individual transit project and raise the needed revenue is in the hands of the majority on City Council, the Provincial Legislature, and Federal Parliament.

This year, I have moved my Ward 41 Environment Day to the Nashdene Yard compound at 70 Nashdene Road on Sunday, June 8. The Scarborough District CRC’s are initiating a Customer Service Enhancement Program and the Staff and the Community Centres will be connecting with residents on this initiative. Ward 41 is included in Local Air Quality Studies this year, going into next. To find out more, please visit . With the warm weather comes road construction season, so please see for road restrictions.

Municipal elections will be conducted in every municipality in Ontario on Monday, October 27th, and I encourage everyone to learn more by visiting

As always, if you have any comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact my office. My staff and I look forward to assisting you.


Councillor Chin Lee
Ward 41 – Scarborough Rouge River