Your Opinion Counts

Milliken Park is located at McCowan Rd. and Steeles Ave. E. in Ward 41.
Milliken Park is located at McCowan Rd. and Steeles Ave. E. in Ward 41.

Your comments on issues and proposals for the Ward are important for me to represent your views. I would like to hear from you about the following issues:

Agincourt Heritage Conservation District

There is renewed interest in designating the Old Agincourt area as a Heritage Conservation District. This proposed concept would be similar to Main Street Unionville but in Ward 41.

Business Out of the Box: A Social Franchise Model

At the June Economic Development Committee meeting, the success of Market 707 at Scadding Court was presented to the committee, with the idea of expanding this concept to 2 pilot locations. For more details, visit:

Do you think the under-used snack bar in Milliken Park will be a good location for such a pilot project? Will the surrounding communities and public using Milliken Park benefit from this? How will the surrounding businesses be impacted? What types of foods will be successful?

Community Garden

There is a proposal to start a community garden in Milliken Park. This idea is in the early stages and includes the possibility of donating food grown in the community garden to local food banks. What do you think about this proposed plan?

Public Lands

What is your opinion on leaving certain public lands such as hydro fields and water courses in a natural state rather than the current practice of periodically cutting the grass to create a manicured looking lawn?


One thought on “Your Opinion Counts

  1. It’s hard to form much of an opinion without being able to visually and logistically envision the project, because I don’t know how community gardens work, but I do agree that that the snack bar isn’t serving much of a purpose right now. Or ever. It sounds like something that would take a while though (e.g, waiting for harvest). And how much space is going to be used to grow food? (How much food would there end up being to donate?) Maybe to draw public attention there could be an interactive component to it (in addition to the garden visitors bring food donations in exchange for a fun / hands on experience) .

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