Toronto Hydro Investing in Ward 41 to Keep the Lights On

A Toronto Hydro wind turbine.  Photo credit:  Stewart C. Russel via Wikipedia Commons.
The WindShare/Toronto Hydro wind turbine at Exhibition Place in Toronto, Canada. Photo credit: Stewart C. Russell via Wikipedia Commons.

Much of Toronto Hydro’s distribution system has been in operation for close to 60 years.

Approximately 30% of Toronto Hydro’s electrical equipment has passed its life expectancy while an additional 27% will reach the end-of its life-span by 2030. Toronto Hydro will need to rebuild 57% of its energy distribution infrastructure in the next 16 years in order to keep the lights on. Undertaking such an extensive and multi-year rebuild is necessary but costly. The projected price tag of this work is $5.6 billion.

40% of the power outages are due to this aging infrastructure, impacting on service reliability and quality. The area just south of Sheppard Ave. E. and north of Nugget Ave. between McCowan and Markham Roads experiences 8 to 11 power outages annually. The area bounded by the Stouffville GO train line in the west, Finch Ave. E. in the north, Brimley Rd. in the east and Sheppard Ave. E. in the south experiences 12 or more power interruptions on an annual basis. This situation will only grow worse if our power distribution system isn’t rebuilt.

Toronto Hydro will invest more than $12.1 million in Ward 41 this year to update our electrical grid. This capital investment includes the following projects: feeder automation, rebuild underground and overhead equipment, pole replacement and switchgear replacement and additions.

An unreliable power supply not only impacts residents, it costs businesses money in lost productivity and disrupts the production and distribution of goods and services. Unreliable service could result in businesses leaving town or poses a barrier for new businesses locating here. Companies locating in Toronto means more jobs and economic prosperity for our residents.

If you consider Toronto Hydro’s revenue steam, 75% of revenues is from non-residential clients while 25% comes from residential clients.

Toronto Hydro revenue
Toronto Hydro customer and revenue data.