Reporting a Problem? Accurate Information Helps

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When reporting an issue in the community, City and my staff need the following information to handle your complaint efficiently and expediently:

  • Exact street address:  This information helps pinpoint the location quicker..
  • City ID number:  All city vehicles (e.g., TTC buses), bus shelters and most steet lights are numbered.  Providing this number ensures that we can accurately resolve your complaint.  If the street light is not numbered, please provide an address. 
  • Geographic information:  If you are complaining about a street or other city property, please be specific.  Include which lane (e.g., curb or passing), which direction (e.g., eastbound, westbound, etc.), nearest major intersection, which park entrance, etc. 

The more accurate information you provide, the quicker we can respond to your concerns. Better information equals better and quicker results.