Water Meter Program Update

The R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant supplies nearly half of Toronto and York Region's water supply.
Toronto Water is nearing completion of installing new automated water meters under the mandatory Water Meter Upgrade Program.  Ward 41 residents have until July 1, 2015 to book an appointment.  If you haven’t upgraded your water meter call (416) 236-3837.

The City of Toronto has been implementing a mandatory water meter upgrade since 2010. City staff have been replacing, retrofitting or installing new automated water meters in every residential and commercial property in Toronto. The program has been highly successful and is now in the final year of implementation. More than 95% of Toronto Water’s 470,000 customers have upgraded to the new automated system. With that being said, 1% of clients have refused to install the new water meters.

In December 2013, Toronto City Council instituted a non-compliance fee for Toronto Water customers who refused to install the new automated water meter. Toronto Water staff has contacted these customers at least 7 times trying to book an appointment without success. There are 2 types of fees:

  • A fee for customers who have water meters that need to be upgraded.
  • A fee for customers who do not have water meters.

Customers who have water meters that need to be upgraded but have refused to do so will be charged $80 each time City staff are sent to their homes to take readings. The goal of the fee is to recover the cost of sending staff to take the readings.

Toronto Water clients who do not have a water meter and refuse to have one installed will be charged an annual Legacy Fee of $1020. The Legacy Fee is designed to recover lost revenue from flat rate customers who may have consumed higher than expected volumes of water. Both fees take effect starting July 1, 2015.

Replacing water meters under the Water Meter Program will be considered complete in Ward 41 in 2015. If you have not upgraded your water meter yet, you should call (416) 236-3837 to book an appointment before July 1, 2015 to avoid paying the fees.