Complete streets guidelines under consideration at Public Works and Infrastructure Committee

At its February 23, 2015 meeting, the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee considred item PW 2.10 – health evidence to support the development of complete streets guidelines.  You can read more about this agenda item at on the City of Toronto’s public meetings website.

Researchers have found links between land use patterns, transportation and human health.  Compact, walkable neighbourhoods with amenities within walking distance of residential housing promote physical activity.  Residents who live in these areas tend to walk or cycle to their desitnations.  This lead to a healthier community.

Conversely, low-density residential neighbourhoods that are far away from amenities are detrimental to physical activity.  This is because residents are forced to drive to their destinations and cannot walk or cycle there because the distances are too far.  This can have a negative impact on the health of residents living in these areas.

For more information, take a look at the background information linked to item PW 2.10 on the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee agenda.  You can access the information here.