Home Safety For Chinese New Year

Gōng xǐ fā cái

Greetings Community Members, Happy Chinese New Year. This is a time of celebration and appreciation for all that is good such as health, happiness and good fortune.

Unfortunately the criminals have something else in mind when they think of the Chinese New Year. Thoughts of small red envelopes with cash inside sitting in a home waiting to be distributed and gifts that have just been received or about to be given out come to their minds. Please secure these items out of sight in your homes.

The criminals are going into neighbourhoods looking for any indicators that tell them there are Chinese people occupying homes such as Chinese Symbols hanging or displayed at the front of the home somewhere on the property.

There is belief among the criminal community that many people from the Chinese community do not trust the banks as well as and the safety deposit systems so they keep all their valuables at home thus making them a good target for Break, Enter and Theft.

Please keep this information in mind and be vigilant regarding home safety.

The preceeding message was a community safety bulletin from the Toronto Police Service.