Around the Ward and Slightly Beyond

Nathan Phillips Square is a popular skating rink in Toronto.  Photo credit:  John Vetterli via Wikipedia Commons.
City Planning works with developers and the community to shape the look and feel of our city. Photo credit: John Vetterli via Wikipedia Commons.

23 Glen Watford Dr.: There have been no further developments regarding the proposed 31 and 34 storey condominium towers planned for 23 Glen Watford Dr. since I last updated the community about this project in my winter 2013-2014 newsletter.

95 State Crown Blvd.: The City of Toronto has received an application for an auto repair centre consisting of two 1 storey buildings of 12,838 ft2 and 13,762 ft2 respectively.

300 Silver Star Blvd.: Construction is progressing on the CareFirst Service Centre.

321 Silver Star Blvd.: A 1-storey retail building and 6-storey office building with retail at grade is planned for this site. The Committee of Adjustment recently refused a variance application which sought to increase the density permissions in the Zoning By-law.

1993 Brimley Rd.: The owner is proposing to demolish the house on this lot, divide the lot in two and build two detached homes. Each lot would have a frontage of 13.1 m on Brimley Rd. but the minimum required lot frontage is 15 m. As a result, the City’s Planning department recommended refusing the application. I have expressed my opposition to the proposal to the Committee of Adjustment. The Committee deferred this matter on March 18.

2590-2594 Midland Ave.: A developer wanted to build 22 townhomes and 2 semi-detached units on 2 residential lots. The city refused the application and the developer appealed this decision to the OMB. The OMB denied the developer’s application because the development does not match the physical character of the surrounding community and proposes greater intensity that is not consistent with the City of Toronto’s official plan. However, the OMB ruling does not rule out additional density on the 2 lots in question such as semi-detached homes.

4181 Sheppard Ave. E.: A developer proposed constructing 86 townhouse units, 2 semi-detached units, a park and public roads and lanes on the site of the former flea market at Sheppard Ave. E. and Midland Ave. All proposed homes would be 4 storeys in height and have integrated garages. In addition, one block on the south side of Sheppard Ave. E. would be reserved for future mixed-use development.

The city raised concerns with the developer over this application, mainly that the density of the proposed subdivision is too great for the area , which would limit the development potential of the block of land on the south side of Sheppard Ave. E. The developer has filed an appeal with the OMB contending that the city has not handled their application in a timely manner.

4548 Sheppard Ave. E.: A Seventh-Day Adventist Church is under construction on Sheppard Ave. E. just west of Brownspring Dr.

5789-5951 Steeles Ave. E.: City Planning has been processing development applications on these lands for some time that will permit a total of approximately 622,500 ft2 of mixed retail, restaurant and commercial development in a large format retail scheme similar to the development immediately to the east. It appears as though ownership and financing issues may have slowed this project in recent months.

Chartwell Shopping Plaza: The owner has applied for additional permitted uses to the Chartwell Shopping Plaza at 2301 Brimley Rd. These include permissions for gym/fitness centre facilities, personal service shops, educational facilities and pet services. No additional building area is proposed. For more information, please visit:

Goldhawk Park: The 1.6 km of trails in this park was repaved last year. The 5 benches will be replaced this year and additional benches may be added to further enhance the park.

McCowan and Middlefield: My office has received a number of inquiries about this property. An Esso gas station will be constructed there. A gas station was previously found at this location prior to its vacancy.

Milliken Park: Toronto’s Park, Forestry and Recreation Division have awarded a design contract to the landscape architecture firm Cosburn Nauboris Ltd. The project will facilitate garbage removal from the park and will provide safe and accessible pathways to existing picnic shelters at Milliken Park.

Nugget Ave.: Road repairs, sidewalk construction and water service upgrades are scheduled for late spring or early summer on Nugget Ave in Ward 41.   The work will take place just west of Shorting Rd. to Markham Rd. on Nugget Ave. and is expected to be completed by the end of 2015.

Road work will occur from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday to Friday and 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturdays. This will reduce the construction schedule by 2 to 3 weeks.

Project McGriskin: The electrical infrastructure in the industrial area bounded by Nugget Ave. (north), Markham Rd. (east), Sheppard Ave. E. (south) and Shorting Rd. (west) will be upgraded. Work will run from April to the end of August. Power interruptions may occur during the project period as Toronto Hydro switches from the old system to the new one.

Project McNicoll/Maybrook: Upgrades to the aging underground electrical system will occur from March to December. The project area is bounded by Newmill Gate (north), Dynamic Drive (east), Middlefield Road (south) and McNicoll Avenue (west). Driveways, sidewalks and other areas affected by construction will be remediated once the project is completed and weather permits.

Project Port Royal: Toronto Hydro is upgrading the electrical infrastructure in the Port Royal area. The work started in December 2014 and will be completed by August 2015. The project area is bounded by Steeles Ave. E. (north), Brimley Rd. (east), McNicoll Ave. (south) and Midland Ave. (west). Power interruptions may occur during the project period as Toronto Hydro switches from the old system to the new one.