Saving the environment and money by recycling more plastic


Since 2008, Torontonians have been able to recycle clean plastic shopping bags by tossing them in their blue bins.  Council will consider a staff report that recommends expanding the range of plastic film materials that can be recycled.  These include but are not limited to milk bags, dry cleaning bags, newspaper/flyer bags and produce and vegetable bags.  Selling plastic bags to recyclers and reducing our landfill costs will save the City of Toronto thousands of dollars every year.

Recycle Even More!   Starting June 1, 2015, Put Plastic Film in the Blue Bin

Toronto’s Blue Bin recycling program, one of North America’s largest residential curbside recycling programs, will soon become even bigger and better with the addition of new types of soft plastic. The timing is perfect. The City uses the services of a state-of-the-art recycling processing facility located here in Toronto that is able to process these types of plastic. Another key factor is a stable market for selling soft plastic film is now established.

New acceptable items include:

  • milk bags and outer bags;
  • select types of bread bags (non-foil);
  • sandwich bags (e.g. re-sealable type bags);
  • bulk food bags (used for fruit, vegetables, nuts);
  • dry cleaning bags;
  • newspaper/flyer bags;
  • fresh or frozen produce bags;
  • over-wrap from toilet paper, napkins, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, water/soft drink packaging,

Please empty and rinse these plastic items to remove residue before placing in the Blue Bin.

This leaves only a few types of soft plastic material that cannot be recycled:

  • All biodegradable plastic film materials
  • Black plastic film
  • Laminated plastic film (e.g. stand-up re-sealable pouch bags)

For more details, visit and to confirm where items go, check the Waste Wizard at

If you need more room for your recyclables, upsize your Blue Bin for free. Make a Service Request online at or phone 311.