Job Opportunity – Scarborough Cycles Project Coordinator

The Toronto Centre for Active Transportation is accepting applications for an exciting new position – Scarborough Cycles Project Coordinator.

The Toronto Centre for Active Transportation is accepting applications for an exciting new position.

Scarborough Cycles Project Coordinator

Do you have a passion for sharing your love of bicycles and encouraging more people to ride? The Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT), in partnership with Cycle Toronto, Toronto Cycling Think & Do Tank, and CultureLink, has launched an exciting new project called Scarborough Cycles: building bike culture beyond downtown. We are hiring a Project Coordinator to administer the program in Scarborough, conduct outreach, and organize events.

With 30% of Toronto’s landmass, 24% of its residents, and half a million cyclable trips (trips under 5 km) per day, Scarborough has only one bicycle sales and service facility. Scarborough Cycles will begin to change that by building capacity among local agencies, institutions and individuals to address barriers to cycling and create new cyclists. We will develop partnerships with two local organizations interested in becoming a “Bike Hub” and through these hubs offer access to bicycles, tools, cycling mentorship and civic engagement activities. Throughout this project we will build our knowledge and share what we learn about cycling beyond downtown.

Scarborough Cycles is funded by the Metcalf Foundation’s Cycle City program, which aims to build a constituency and culture in support of cycling for transportation. The Metcalf Foundation has identified cycling as a pragmatic approach towards achieving the larger goal of a low-carbon, resource efficient and resilient Canada.

Access the full job posting online here or on here. Deadline for applications: Monday May 11, 2015 at 5:00 p.m.

About Us

  • The Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT) is a project of the registered charity Clean Air Partnership. TCAT’s mission is to advance knowledge and evidence to build support for safe and inclusive streets for walking and cycling.
  •  CultureLink assists newcomers to find employment, to access education, to meet established residents, and to develop their social and professional networks while getting to know Toronto.  In collaboration with Cycle Toronto, CultureLink promotes cycling for transportation to newcomers by offering cycling workshops and programs like Bike Host, which matches newcomers with confident cyclists who act as mentors.
  • Cycle Toronto is a diverse member-supported organization that advocates for a healthy, safe, cycling-friendly city for all. Cycle Toronto has more than 2,800 members.
  •  The Toronto Cycling Think and Do Tank (TCT2) is a research organization based at the University of Toronto. TCT2 specializes in identifying, understanding and reducing barriers to cycling as well as identifying, understanding and increasing facilitators of cycling.