Brimley Road House Explosion

One man was killed after a house exploded north west of Brimley Road and Port Royal Trail.
One man was killed after a house exploded northwest of Brimley Road and Port Royal Trail.

On April 20th, a house on Brimley Road was demolished by a serious explosion. The explosion also damaged neighbouring properties. Toronto Fire called to inform me of the explosion and confirmed that 1 person died in the incident.

I visited the site and found our emergency services personel had the sitiaton under control.  The investigation is being led by the Ontario Fire Marshal.  Enbridge was called to stop a natural gas leak and a TTC bus was used to evacuate residents.

The City of Toronto sent inspectors to neighbourhing homes to ensure that they’re structurally sound.  Homeowners will have to report any damage to their own insurance companies. Brimley Road was closed for almost a week in order to conduct the investigation and ensure the area is safe.

A number of houses surrounding the explosion site have been deemed unsafe and will require repairs before they are safe for habitation.  The work may take a few months to complete.  The owners have asked for disaster relief, and I am checking into this for them. For private service providers (Bell, Rogers, Enbridge, etc.), homeowners should contact those companies to seek relief.