Next generation green bin proposed

new green bin city video
Raccoons are unable to get into the new green bins because of its locking mechanism, which only opens when the bin is inverted.

The current green bin program is an ecological and financial benefit to the City but it does have its drawbacks – they can be damaged during waste collection and they attract urban wildlife such as racoons.

The City of Toronto is considering a new green bin. Benefits include holding twice as much waste, easier rolling to the curb and mechanical emptying by single crew collection trucks. The biggest bang for our buck is the introduction of a locking device that can only be released when the green bin is inverted, preventing racoons from opening them.

new city green bin report
A comparison of the old and new green bins.

If approved, roll-out for the new green bins will begin in Scarborough. For more information on the new bin, please go to the following links: and