The Dirt on Waste

The Blue Bin Photo credit: Michalis Famelis.
The Waste Wizard can tell you which bin your waste material goes into.  Photo credit: Michalis Famelis.

What do I do with my grass clippings after I mow the lawn? Can I put that into the green bin? Is plastic blue bin material? Will the city pick up my old sofa from the curb? Do you have questions on what to do with your waste? The Waste Wizard can provide you with the answers you’re looking for. Whenever you have a question, you can ask the Waste Wizard. Just go to If you can’t access the Internet, call my office at (416) 392-1375. We’ll find the answer and let you know.    

On a recent Ward tour, I noticed some households were putting grass clippings in bags by the curb for collection. I decided to consult the Waste Wizard to see what this application recommends. It suggests that residents leave the grass clippings on your lawn. The City of Toronto no longer picks up grass clippings as part of its curbside collection program. Grass clippings are a form of organic waste. As they decay they act as fertilizer for your lawn.  

For a list of what goes into the blue or green bins, you can also check the following websites: