Sniffing out marijuana grow houses

According to the Toronto Police Service, 42 Division, “a marijuana grow house is a home which has been physically altered to produce marijuana.” In many grow houses, modifications are made to steal electricity from the power grid. Filtering devices are installed to negate the smell produced from the marijuana plants and high wattage lights are put in place to help the plants grow.

So how does this criminal activity affect you? When grow operations steal electricity from the grid, it costs all of us money. The high wattage lights used to help the marijuana plants grow are a fire hazard. The heat and humidity produced by these operations causes structural damage to these ‘grow-op’ houses. This translates into higher insurance premiums and lower home values for everyone living in the area.

There is something you can do about it though. If you suspect a marijuana grow house is operating on your street, report it to Toronto Police at (416) 808-4200.

But how does one spot a grow house? There are a few telltale signs. To learn how to spot a marijuana grow house and the dangers associated with these illegal operations, visit: