Recognize and Support Family Caregivers on Family Caregiver Day

On January 31st 2017, City Council passed a motion to establish the first Tuesday of April as Family Caregiver Day, to recognize the 29% Canadians and Torontonians as family caregivers to someone in need.  This year, this day falls on April 4th, 2017.

Family caregivers often assume this role without formal training or additional resource and faces challenging and stressful situations on a daily basis. Caregivers must balance their personal lives and careers with their caregiving duties.

Study suggests that the majority of caregivers succumb to physical and psychological illness as a result of their caregiving responsibilities. However, they are often not recognized for their role and not perceived as a population in need of care in the health care system and in the community at large.

Family Caregiver Day recognizes and brings awareness of the incredibly vital social and economic contributions made by family caregivers. It is also to ensure there’s necessary support and assistance to caregivers.