Contribute to the Parkland Strategy

A city builds a park so that people can build community. Toronto is known for our parks and natural environment, and as Toronto grows, our parks system must grow along with it.

However, there are gaps in the system; areas in the city where more must be done. And we must reinvest and re-invigorate our existing green space.

Toronto’s parks system is much more than official city parks; it includes open spaces, conservation lands, ravines, hydro corridors, schools and other privately owned, publicly accessible lands. We need to work together to ensure a liveable Toronto for today, and for future generations.

The Parkland Strategy is a 20-year plan that will guide long-term planning for new parks and expansion and improved access to existing parks.  It will aid in the decision-making and prioritization of investment in parkland across the city.

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Protecting Toronto’s Pollinators – Find out what the “BUZZ” is

What’s the Buzz? The City of Toronto is inviting residents to share their views on a proposed strategy to protect Toronto’s bees and other pollinators to identify actions that can be taken to protect, enhance and create habitat for Toronto’s pollinators.  Continue reading “Protecting Toronto’s Pollinators – Find out what the “BUZZ” is”

Have Your Say on the Proposed Stormwater Charge

City is seeking your input on a proposed splitting of your water bill to charge for the stormwater management portion separately.

Stormwater is rain and melted snow. Generally, the more hard surfaces a property has the more stormwater will flow off and into the sewer system. An increase in extreme storms, combined with more paved surfaces in the city is resulting in more stormwater making its way into the sewer system, which has led to an increase in flooded basements and poor water quality in local waterways including Lake Ontario. Continue reading “Have Your Say on the Proposed Stormwater Charge”

Notice of Completion – Environmental Assessment of Steeles Avenue East Bridge

The Steeles Avenue East Study Notice of Completion has been issued and the Environmental Study Report (ESR) is available for public to review until April 7, 2017. The notice and the ESR are available on the project webpage: reading “Notice of Completion – Environmental Assessment of Steeles Avenue East Bridge”